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Take a Hack

*This campaign is still in the making

With inflation impacting all areas of life, including horse feed. Sometimes a cheaper solution is better, But when it comes to a horse, a cheaper solution usually leads to expensive problems.

So we built a campaign to encourage people to cut corners where we provided our audiance a guide to some hacks that they can use on the daily, so they could save to maintain the best nutrition for their horses.  

Agency: The Martin Agency

Brand: Purina

CD: Steve Sage

Art Director: Eman Shaheen

Copywriter: Hope Thomas

The Spots 

Out off home 

We collaborated with Whitney Anderson (collage artist) to create a single outdoor board out of Purina feed packaging in a collage style, to spread the campaign’s message in the offline world. then post the behind-the-scenes and Timelapse of her working on social media.
Horse owners love a good hack. Whether that’s a gallop out in the field or a valuable, time-saving tip. 

So let’s celebrate the “hacking” spirit of our customers, so they don’t have to cut corners where it counts. 

We’ll start by sharing a “hack” from Purina, the hack being that this program exists! 

To launch we will post on TikTok and IG Reels, and Purina’s loyal followers will take it from there. 

Social TikTok 

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