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Full-time Human + Art Director

With working experience in North America, Asia, and the Middle East 



Call me Eman. It's pronounced like

"He-Man", but without the letter H or the superpowers (E-man!!). I'm a Senior Art Director on Porsche. My goal is to become the first, but not the last, recognizable North African woman in the advertising field, create an impact with my work, and shop at Whole Foods without damaging my bank account.


A few facts about me: I laugh at my own jokes; I'm passionate about cars, Formula 1, martial arts, and memes; I'm from Cairo but have never been to the Pyramids; and I don't have fingerprints... Oh, I got your attention there, didn't I? Let's connect if you want to know why :)

D&AD New Blood Awards, 2019
Crown That - Wood
New York Festivals, 2019
Amazon Care - Shortlisted
Addy San Fran, 2019
Amazon Care - Gold award
Addy Miami, 2019
Amazon Care - Silver award
Graphis New Talent, 2019
Amazon Care - Honorable Mention
Clio Health, 2018
Amazon Care - Silver award

Creativity International Awards, 2018
Sunken City - Platinum award
Truth Brush - Gold Award
Creative Conscience Awards, 2018
Bra Notes - Winner in Fashion/Textile category
Summit Creative Awards, 2018
Sunken City - Bronze Award
Top Dog, Miami Ad School, 2017
Paw x2
Ads of the world
We Love ads

*I dedicate this to my parents, who have worked so hard for me to be where I am today. 

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