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American Egg Board wanted to become a bigger part of the excitement of going back to restaurants this summer. And help them to get on their feet.


We collaborated with regional influencers to support and promote regional restaurants by creating a Tiktok challenge called #EggDishChallenge


We got Chef lovely to kick off the challenge by definitively stating that her city’s restaurants serve the best egg dishes ever. She wraps up the challenge by asking her followers to duet her Tiktok video to “prove her wrong”. We got a lot of interaction. A lot of them were really mouth-watering and got me wondering if my city has the best egg dish. Below are some of the participants. 

Agency: Energy BBDO

Brand: American Egg Board

ECD: Kenny Blumenschein

Content Creator: Michael Hanks

Art Director: Eman Shaheen 

Copywriter: Tanvi Tandon


The KickOff The KickOff The KickOff.    The KickOff

ChefLovely's followers reply back

My personal favorites 

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