Who's dat Gurl?

My name is Eman. If you want to know how to pronounce it, it’s sound like X-man but with an E (E-Man!!). Also, I’m probably the only Egyptian that has never been to the pyramids.

I love traveling, going on adventures, and learning new things. I always find humor in tough and/or awkward situations. I am funny, or I think I am, as my friends always laugh at my jokes or maybe they're just being nice. I am passionate about cats, memes and food. I am always sober, which help me witness my friends humiliating themselves. I add “-ing” to any noun. For example, “I’ve been Tacoing this afternoon with my friends!”

I’m also a retired financial analyst. Now, I’m an art director! My dream is to become the first recognizable Middle Eastern woman in the advertising field.

Contact me at eshaheen90@gmail.com, if you are still interested after knowing how weird I am.




D&AD New Blood Awards, 2019

Crown That

New York Festivals, 2019

Amazon Care - Shortlisted

Addy San Fran, 2019

Amazon Care - Gold award

Addy Miami, 2019

Amazon Care - Silver award

Graphis New Talent, 2019

Amazon Care - Honorable Mention

Clio Health, 2018

Amazon Care - Silver award

Creativity International Awards, 2018

Sunken City - Platinum award

Truth Brush - Gold Award

Creative Conscience Awards, 2018

Bra Notes - Winner in Fashion/Textile category

Summit Creative Awards, 2018

Sunken City - Bronze Award

Top Dog, Miami Ad School, 2017


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